Monday, 9 May 2011

Planning the bow.

Here's a sketch Dave made of the bow we are intending to build. At the top is detail of how the stem iron shape of a wooden boat will be constructed. We originally intended to use the stem iron recovered from an old wooden boat but have not found one of the right shape and profile to remodel but Dave has worked out how to construct a good facsimile. As usual, as this is extra to the original detailed quote for the hull Dave has costed the extra work which we have agreed.  Below is a photo (of a photo) Dave took some years ago of  the bow of the James Loader a well known wooden tug. We aim to replicate the subtle tapered profile shape of the stem iron where it meets the planks.

Other details of the bow yet to be decided are the shape of the breast block (see below), the deck beam (cratch beam) etc. Stentor had no deck beam but for practical reasons ie shedding water from the front deck in locks and constructional reasons including the deck curvature and inclusion of a hatch to access under the tug deck we will probably include one.

Here's the bow of a steel "wooden" boat showing the step formed by the breast block.
 Hats off to Ian Kemp.


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